cat herding, content, community


Here’s what I do…


Let’s face it: whether you’re a company, film, or photogenic cat, you need a social media presence. I don’t think of social media as a “job” or a “role” but rather a tool—how you use it depends on what you want out of it. I’ve grown communities from scratch, strengthened established accounts, and helped companies find their online voice. A good social strategy is more than follower counts or clicks—it’s creating authentic, human relationships with your community and providing them and the world with something useful. (And the event logistics— I call that "cat herding" because it's totally is. And I love it.)


Social Media + Marketing.

– Identifying best practices, strategies, and goals
– Planning/executing short-term and long-term campaigns
– Community growth and engagement
– Analyzing social data for reports/insights

Online Content Creation.

– Identifying opportunities for original content
– Photography/videography that works for any budget + audience
– Post-production (colour, text overlay, video editing, GIFs)
- Organizing and archiving all assets for ease of use

Writing and Copyediting.

– Providing written content ranging from creative long-form to website copy (SEO) and everything in between
– Managing a team of writers, including editing
– Understanding the best writing techniques and approaches for each social platform

Cat Herding (AKA Events).

– Practical logistics/operations background in cinema screenings/exhibitions, film festivals, and special events
– Pre-planning, organizing, and colour-coding
– Working with vendors, clients, and high-profile guests
– Managing team members and/or volunteers

Social Media/Content.

Festival Operations.