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I like to write—about all sorts of things. You can read my work on sites like Film School Rejects, Cinefilles, Women & Hollywood, and The 405. 

A Random Sampling.

Seven Canadian filmmakers discuss #MeToo and [...] | The Gate, January 2018
MUFFApproved: Dan And Margot | The MUFF Society, Apr 17
4 Essential Films To Watch While Reproductive Rights Are Under Threat | Nonfics, Jan 17
We Fixed The Hollywood Reporter’s Animation Roundtable | Film School Rejects, Dec 16
Effie Brown on “Project Greenlight” | Women & Hollywood, Jun 16
What Are You Looking At? | Say Fromage, Jun 16
Sundance: The Intervention | Cinefilles, Jan 16
REELSIDE: Raj Panikkar and Matthew Lochner on Sci-Fi | Geekpr0n, Jun 15
Sundance: Mistress America | Cinefilles, Jan 15
TADFF: The Babadook | Geekrp0n, Oct 14
 (TIFF Vanguard, Sept 14) | TIFF Vanguard, Sept 14
5 Tips for Living with Your Vampire Roomies | TIFF Midnight Madness, Sept 14
I DECLARE WAR: 10 Easy Steps to the Best War Game Ever | TIFF Vanguard, Sept 12

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