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Case Study: W&H

For Women & Hollywood, I managed the social media channels and helped develop social strategies and short term campaigns. 

Women & Hollywood.

Service: Social Channel Management, Social Media Strategy
Brief: I was contracted to manage the daily scheduling of blog content to Women & Hollywood's Facebook and Twitter channels and Melissa Silverstein's Twitter channel and to spearhead efforts to strengthen and revitalize the W&H channels.



At the time, the only posts being shared to the W&H channels were auto-shares from the W&H blog’s RSS feed. We removed this and began daily scheduling with captions that made them feel “human” and contained appropriate tags and hashtags.

Specialty campaigns included annual W&H Oscars campaign, which highlighted the lack of women and diversity at the 2016 Academy Awards using the hashtag #SeeHerNow. The campaign was covered on outlets like Glamour and Indiewire. The Women in Film Wednesdays campaign, a creation of my own, highlighted a different female filmmaker each Wednesday using the hashtag #WFW.




Between January and September 2016, W&H Twitter followers were increased by 3k and Facebook likes were increased by 4.8k. Just as important: when people engaged with the account, W&H responded!




1. By experimenting with unique captions (i.e. not the headline of the article), we were able to demonstrate that followers positively responded to a more conversational/human voice.

2. Being active on the accounts regularly allowed me to reply in real-time to followers. These regular interactions turned into meaningful conversations, which helped to strengthen W&H’s online presence and brand.

3. Tweaking popular social trends to suit your brand is a great way to create familiar yet new content. By taking the well-known #WCW (Women Crush Wednesdays) hashtag and turning it into #WFW (Women in Film Wednesdays), we demonstrated how W&H could be “on trend” within their brand.

4. Monthly and specialty campaign social stats were turned into impact analysis reports and provided to stakeholders to visualize the importance of W&H’s social presence. Companies know social media is important but sometimes they need help to see how.