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Case Study: MUFF

For The MUFF Society, I developed the tone of voice/online mission and manage the daily social media and marketing strategy.

The MUFF Society.

Service: Founder, Social Media/Marketing
Brief: I started The MUFF Society (Monthly Underground Female Film Society) in the fall of 2013 as a screening series and way to champion women in the film/TV industry. Since it has grown into a robust online community, blog, and the monthly screenings include a conversation series and documentary series. When developing the brand/voice, I wanted it to be fun, girly, and effervescent. Our social presence needed to promote the monthly screenings and establish us as a promoter/news source for all things “women in film.”



I settled on pink and sparkles for the overall look and our growing team has developed it from there. We use templates for all of our custom images to ensure consistency across the website, blog, and social media.

To promote our monthly screenings, we use a mix of film stills, quote images, and custom trailers shared across multiple platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).

To stay current and topical, part of our social strategy is to highlight the work of women in the film industry. We seek out news to share and communicate online with other accounts that share our views. We also send out a monthly newsletter that highlights upcoming feminist/women in film events happening in Toronto.

Original content was developed to keep MUFF new/fresh. This includes recaps/photo albums from each monthly event and a blog on Medium that profiles filmmakers and projects.




As of June 2017, The MUFF Society has produced 32 successful screenings in Toronto, as well as pop-up events in NYC and San Francisco. The monthly newsletter has an average open rate of 38.75%. The Facebook Page reaches an average of 20k people monthly with 5.2k engagements; the Twitter account gets an average of 75k impressions per month.




1. Taking the time to properly develop your voice/brand from the start is important and time-saving. When I started MUFF, I didn’t only think of the name and the logo—I thought about social media, print material, video and made templates in advance for everything. By putting this effort in at the start it meant that as the series grew it was easy to implement and roll out new content.

2. Social media is more than just your product. The majority of our online presence is actually devoted to highlighting the work of women in the film industry and connecting with like-minded organizations/individuals. People get tired fast of constant sales pitches so make sure to create a robust social strategy that includes more than promo.

3. Outreach, outreach, outreach! By connecting with like-minded community organizations, you can tap into a larger audience and further legitimize yourself. Through outreach efforts, the MUFF Society has partnered with organizations like TIFF, Goethe Institut, Christie Pits Film Festival, Drunken Cinema, and Toronto Silent Film Festival.

4. Good promotion is more than just repeatedly sharing the same link to purchase tickets. MUFF’s promo strategy consists of four segments: original content (e.g. custom images, trailers), curated/found (e.g. sharing film reviews, director profiles, or other articles that tie into the event), targeted paid FB adverts, and outreach (i.e. we encourage all of our monthly partners/sponsors to share our event on their channels).