My name is Siân. I am based in Toronto. My work is primarily focused in social media, writing, and project management/event logistics. 


Hallo! My name is Siân, as my website title cleverly suggests. My mum wishes I would write a book already. She also wishes I would win the lottery already, which is somehow decidedly more likely. I like ice cream, watching movies, and cats. 

My work is focused in social media, writing, and project management/event logistics—which I fondly refer to as “cat herding" [LinkedIn; CV]. I really like “storytelling,” which sounds gross but it’s really the best word to describe it, sorry not sorry. I write, take pictures, produce Instagram stories, make memes: all storytelling in their own way. I passionately love social media and don’t apologize for it. My beloved baby is The MUFF Society (a super rad community that champions women in film/TV). This one time I handed Daniel Radcliffe a Diet Coke and he said “thanks."

Currently working at the ROM on the social team, formerly with TIFF.

Canadian and US citizenship; will travel. 

The Girl North Magazine

"‘MUFF exists to support everyone else,’ says Siân, who is just overjoyed at the idea of women filmmakers coming together and talking about their stories.”


#WomanTalk Project

#WomanTalk, a thesis project from A. Nicolucci, features self-identified women who can help to explore the meaning and importance of the varying aspects of gender fluidity and show that there are many ways to interpret one’s identity using gender (and these terms) that expand beyond just “man” and “woman”.


NOW Magazine

"Melton, 28, has worked in film for years, managing theatre operations for several festivals. This, combined with her passion for the silver screen, led to a conclusion many are quick to reiterate: there’s simply not enough attention paid to women in film. ‘Even in 2015, the film industry is very much a white dude club,” she writes in an email. “And only loud voices and unending support will change that.” 



“Geena Davis said it really well when she said that in the movies, you can make a woman a doctor, she can be the president, and it will inspire young girls. Like, ‘If Geena Davis can be president, I can be too.’ But at the same time, ‘If Kathryn Bigelow can make an action movie, so can I!'” 


The Globe and Mail

“I don’t like the guilt and judgment associated with liking certain films, usually chick flicks, and wanting to identify as a feminist,” says Sian Melton, founder of the MUFF Society. “Bring It On was written by a woman, starred all women, and grossed $90-million at the box office. That’s rad and fuck it if I’m supposed to feel guilty about it because they wore short skirts.”