Photography: Brighton


I went to Brighton in November. Yes, November was a long time ago. Last year, even. I went in November and then these pictures sat in my camera for ages until last weekend.

I suppose one might say it was weird that I went to the seaside in winter but one, there’s no such thing as “winter” in England, ahaha. Winter. Here. That’s cute. And two, I actually liked it all blustery and cold. Nobody was around, the clouds were amazing, and I thought I might get tossed right into the ocean by the wind and if that isn’t a great way to die I don’t know what is.


  • Loïe

    Oh my goodness, I recently took the plunge and quit a job and I could have written this: “And then I rationalized: well, maybe that’s what having a steady, salaried job is like; after years of working short-term contracts, maybe I had no idea what I was getting into. I mean, commuters always look depressed for a reason. Maybe I wasn’t working hard enough. Maybe I needed to stop being a princess and get over myself.” I’m glad you’re happy about your decision. I know I ended up being happy with mine.