Photography: Abney Park Cemetery


Abney Park Cemetery  – February 2016

When I first moved to London, I went on an adventure to a cemetery (as one does). Afterward, I did some research and discovered there are seven cemeteries in London that are known as The Magnificent Seven. I decided I was going to go and visit all seven and photograph them.

Naturally I’ve only been to one since. And naturally I went last February and am only now looking at the photos. I have no good excuse, really. Once a small amount of time passed, it became so small in the back of my mind that the weeks turned into months turned into almost a year.

But I remember the trip to the park. It was close to my flat; I only had to take a short bus ride. It was busier than Tower Hamlets. I couldn’t figure out if it was because Abney Park seemed to be in a busier neighbourhood or it was on a weekend morning. I also didn’t wake up nearly as early as I did the first time. In any case, there were more walkers and joggers but it was still very peaceful and almost enchanting. Like I wouldn’t want to speak to loud for fear of breaking whatever spell was cast. Or wake the dead. Either or.