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Spotify: Weekly v.08

July 1, 2016

“And I want you hold me like I’m the only one” Last week I admittedly didn’t devote a lot of time to this Spotify playlist. I was sick for a couple of days and wasn’t really listening to music. And by “sick,” I mean my period left me partially bed ridden in pain and then … Read more Spotify: Weekly v.08 »


Photography: Brighton

April 17, 2016

I went to Brighton in November. Yes, November was a long time ago. Last year, even. I went in November and then these pictures sat in my camera for ages until last weekend.


How Olivia Pope Inspired Me To Finally Quit My Job.

I’m really proud of that title. It might be the most click-baity thing I’ve ever written. And maybe for half a second you thought that I knew either Kerry Washington or Shonda Rhimes and I’d really like to be that version of me for a few more moments please… Okay, back to reality, oh, there goes gravity.